Your Account Dashboard

Our main goal in designing your Account Dashboard was “Do Simple Better”. We wanted to put everything you need for a successful sale in one simple spot. Here is a quick summary of what you will use your Account Dashboard for:

  • View, edit and update your account info so we always have the correct phone #’s and addresses for deliveries
  • Order sales materials & reserve your requested delivery dates
  • View and print your price list
  • Submit the products and prices you are using for your sale so we can design your Custom Sales Sheet to go with your Brochures
  • View and print your Custom Sales Sheet any time you need additional copies to distribute
  • Sign up for Online Ordering & view your online sales
  • Place and view your Group Order
  • View and edit your order as needed right up until your deadline
  • View and print your final order confirmation prior to shipping
  • View and print your final invoice
Custom Sales Materials


We listened to your feedback and learned that 1) No one enjoys filling out all the prices on 100 plus order forms and 2) there were too many items crammed onto one order form, including all the ones you weren’t even selling in your sale! 

So beginning this season we will be providing you with a Custom Designed Sales Sheet.  Here is how it works:

  • Once you determine the items, sizes and prices you are selling, you submit them into us via a simple form in your Dashboard.
  • Your Custom Sheet, with your items and your pricing, will then be uploaded to your Dashboard for you to view and approve.
  • To save time, most groups prefer to pre-order their Full Color Brochures and print their own copies using the blank cardstock we ship with the brochures. Order now using your Dashboard and we will get them on the way to you!
  • We are also happy to print them and ship everything to you after we receive your submitted prices. 
  • Either way – you will indicate whether you print or we do when you order your sales materials.


We also took your advice and gave our Full Color Brochures a new design too. Our main goal was to showcase the fruit with bigger photos that were so appetizing your customers can help but want to BUY MORE!

Mix Packs

We offer 2 Mixed Packs:

  1.  Navel & Red Grapefruit        (20 lb)
  2.  Red Apple & Pear                  (20 lb)
Trio Packs

Fundraising sales continue to trend towards smaller packages. Our Trio packaging reflects that trend with a single layer carton, with the 3 varieties of fruit separated by a divider, weighing 15 lbs. We offer 3 Trio Packs:

  1. Apple Trio (8 Navel, 6 Grft, 8 Red Apple)
  2. Citrus Trio (8 Navel, 6 Grft, 8-10 Tangelos)
  3. Pear Trio (8 Navel, 8 Pear, 8 Red Apple)

Tangerines are packed in a single layer

Manage & Edit Your Order

Placing and managing your order is easier than ever and will all be done inside your Dashboard. Here is how it works:

  • You enter your order through your Dashboard prior to your Order Deadline
  • You are able to view, add on and edit it up until your final add-on deadline
  • After the deadline you view and confirm your final order (including online sales if applicable) and print
  • You can view and print your final invoice at any time
2020 Order Deadlines

Delivery Week                              Order Due Date                           Add-On Due Date 

Nov 30th – Dec 6th                              Nov 9th                                            Nov 16th

Dec 7th-13th                                         Nov 16th                                          Nov 23rd


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